Creative Nature Media by Mike Harrison

Under the name of Creative Nature Media, Mike Harrison specialises in providing various media content, such as photography, musical compositions, sound effects, websites and graphic design.

Explosive Sound Effects photo / RonTech2000

About Creative Nature Media

The company was set up with the purpose of providing media content drawn from my existing skills in photography, music composition, sound design, sound recording, web development and graphic design. Before Creative Nature Media, I ran a web design business called Galloway Web Design, and I still offer web services to new and existing clients. The creative works I currently produce are described below:


My photographs have been used in postcards, national magazines, local newspapers, greetings cards and calendars. I also sell stock photography through,, and I intend to sell prints direct to the public through my website in the near future.

Music and Sound Effects

My music and sound effects have been used in independent films and on BBC Scotland. I also sell royalty-free sound effects and musical compositions on

Web Design and Graphics

I have produced websites for a number of clients over the years as well as designing logos and t-shirts.

Bespoke Commissions

I also take on commissions of all sorts, so if you want something photographed, recorded, composed or designed, then please contact me. I am also open to collaborative projects.

You can read about me and my qualifications on the about me page.